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You don’t have to choose between your health and your child’s safety.

If you are having a medical emergency and you have no care for your children, NeighborCare can find temporary care while you seek the help you need. NeighborCare is a system of community agencies that can partner to find care for your children so you can be healthy and they can be safe. Participating in NeighborCare can prevent DSS involvement if your children are left alone.

NeighborCare can help if:

    • You have a precarious housing or family situation which poses a risk to children should he or she be hospitalized,
    • You have an immediate medical need which requires a surgery or hospitalization,
    • You have no option for appropriate, adult care for your child(ren) aged 0 to 17 years of age when you are hospitalized, and
    • You are resident of Mecklenburg County.


The Relatives’ Partners in NeighborCare

For information regarding our role in the NeighborCare collaborative, contact our Outreach Coordinator, Neasha McKoy at 704.501.8269 or rmckoy02@therelatives.org.

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