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The Relatives’ Family Update

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Dear Relatives,

Since 1974, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community has looked to The Relatives to support youth in crisis. Thanks to the generous support of people like you, The Relatives has grown over the past 47 years to meet the ever evolving needs of youth and young adults facing hardships.

In 2010, our On Ramp Resource Center was created to help young adults access basic necessities and work towards stability. What began as a single room in the Children and Family Services Center has grown to a two-story building in Uptown Charlotte serving over 500 young people a year. At last count, however, there were 45,000 disconnected young adults in Charlotte-Mecklenburg who lack education, employment, and the support systems necessary to be independent.

I am proud to announce The Relatives is beginning a new phase in our mission of preparing young adults to be healthy, productive, engaged members of the community.

Thanks to incredible community support, The Relatives is starting construction of a new On Ramp Resource Center facility this fall. Located at 2219 Freedom Dr., this new space will allow The Relatives to better serve this vulnerable population.

I am grateful to you for walking beside The Relatives on this journey. Your generosity and support has allowed The Relatives to dream big when it comes to offering relief, acceptance, and empowerment to youth and young adults in crisis. I want to invite you to see this dream become a reality by joining us for a pre-renovation tour of the new On Ramp Resource Center. Please see below to RSVP – we’d love to see you!

Thank you for being a Relative.

Trish Hobson
Executive Director

RVSP for Open Tours at On Ramp’s New Resource Center:

Please join us for a tour of The Relatives’ NEW On Ramp Resource Facility before construction begins. We would love for you to be a part of this exciting new phase in The Relatives’ mission!


Wednesday August 18th 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Wednesday August 25th 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Back To School

Many of the youth and young adults who rely on The Relatives are in need of backpacks. For the youth at the Crisis Center, a new backpack will allow them to head back to school with confidence. For the young adults at On Ramp, a new backpack will allow them to safely transport their belongings, as many are struggling with housing insecurity.

When purchasing a backpack for the youth or young adult in your life, please consider purchasing a second one for a young person in need.

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