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The Relatives’ Family Update

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Dear Relatives,

Recently, one of our young adults confided in our staff, saying:
“I don’t know what I would do without you; if you had to close, I would be screwed.”

That same staff member proceeded to tell me that he didn’t mind working under  COVID-19 conditions because it meant so much to him to be able to help our youth.

It’s sentiments like these that keep me going. With your support, our staff has worked tirelessly to create a safe space for our young people – crisis counselors continue to respond to immediate needs and transition specialists work around the extra obstacles to help our young adults reach independence. Our young people rely on us to make them feel welcome and safe. Thank you for ensuring that our doors are still open.

In a time when community support is vital, 82% of our case management participants reported an increase in their natural support systems – whether that’s family members, friends, significant others, mentors, or faith communities. Providing a safe place isn’t only about shelter, but laying a strong foundation of morale boosters in order to move forward.

“The Relatives is where I come every time I need help or a safe place. They have always been there for me.”

No matter what words our kids use to express their gratitude, it is our priority to always keep our doors open for the young people in our community who need us the most.



Trish Hobson
Executive Director


Meet The Jackson Siblings

Children need to feel safe, and they don’t always have that at home.

The Jackson siblings came to our youth crisis center in May seeking emergency placement. They were removed from their family due to allegations of physical and sexual abuse.

In a time when we all can feel a bit hopeless, they had no one to depend on.

Department of Social Services took custody of all three siblings the same afternoon one of their family members made a report that the children’s grandfather was abusive. They learned that, in addition to their grandfather’s abuse, their mom also had an extensive history of mental illness and substance abuse. DSS could tell right away that these kids needed a safe environment and brought them to our shelter.

The siblings came to us malnourished, dehydrated, and infested with head lice. Our staff were able to get them new clothes, encourage them to drink more water, and eat healthier. Staff were also able to get the siblings treated for lice and kept them happy and comfortable throughout their stay. Despite everything they had been through, the Jackson siblings were polite, respectful, and so full of life.

With your support, we were able to wrap our services around these children and provide relief in a time when they needed it most.


Speak Your Mind

Mental health is important, now more than ever, as we navigate the days ahead.

Many of our youth and young adults struggle with depression and dealing with their emotions in a healthy way.

Through our relationship with Alexander Youth Network, we’ve been able to contract the services of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors to provide virtual group therapy sessions at our youth crisis center, and one-on-one sessions at our On Ramp resource center twice a week.

Preparing our kids for a stable future includes giving them the tools to face their stress head on. We are so grateful to create a space where our young people can use their voice.


Ensure Kids Have a Safe Place

When youth find themselves in crisis, they should know how and where to get help. Thanks to Safe Place, immediate help is never too far away.

We are proud to manage the 684 Safe Place locations in Mecklenburg County and beyond. We’ve only lost 3 sites due to COVID-19 budget constraints, proving that our community believes in creating a safety net for our youth just as much as we do.

You can help sustain this program by in helping us conduct site checks with each of our locations. This can be done virtually or in-person. Please contact Christina Nunez at cnunez@therelatives.org for more information on how you can provide help in crisis situations, or if you know of a business that would like to participate in the program.

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