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The Relatives eNews – November 2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Kelly Matthews


Why do you volunteer at The Relatives?  I have always enjoyed working with kids and cooking so it seemed like a perfect match.  I liked volunteering with them so much that I couldn’t stopped coming back.

Tell me what you get out of bringing the meals and hanging out with the kids at the Crisis Center?  When I think that I am having a bad day, I think of what these kids have gone through and it puts everything into perspective.  That inspires me to connect with the kids over conversations, playing games, cooking dinner, doing homework, etc.  I look forward to making their evening fun and filled with yummy foods that remind them of home.  Encouraging them to be the best that they can be when they leave the crisis center!

How did you originally know about The Relatives?  A friend introduced me to The Relatives at a time when I was wanting to get more involved in the community.  I try to keep this going by spreading the word about this organization to family, friends and coworkers.  It is a ripple effect – So many people want to get involved but don’t know where to go to do so.

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