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The Relatives’ Family Update

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Dear Relatives,

Your support of The Relatives provides new beginnings for youths and young adults in crisis. Children seeking relief at the Crisis Center can find a new beginning in a safe, stable environment. While young adults at the On Ramp Resource Center are given the tools necessary to create a new beginning for themselves, one free of rejection and helplessness.

Earlier this month, The Relatives was thrilled to celebrate a new beginning of our own. On September 9th, construction of the new On Ramp Resource Center began.

I am overwhelmed by the incredible community support which has allowed The Relatives to make this dream a reality. The current On Ramp Resource Center is 6,600 square feet and serves roughly 500 young adults annually. The new center’s 15,000 square feet will ensure even more young adults are able to find acceptance and empowerment.

At the Construction Kickoff, The Relatives was honored to welcome Mayor Vi Lyles who said:

“This center can be a beacon of hope, of change… that vulnerable youth need particularly in this time. The city is proud to partner with the other members that made this possible. And we appreciate the opportunity to be here today to say thank you for the work that you’re doing and the work that you will do to keep our young people healthy, safe and well.”

 -Mayor Vi Lyles

 At last count, there were 45,000 disconnected young adults in Mecklenburg County, who lack the support systems necessary to achieve stability in their lives. The new facility, located at 2219 Freedom Dr., will allow The Relatives to serve the ever evolving needs of this vulnerable and often hidden population.

County Commission Board Chairman George Dunlap was also present at the Kickoff and spoke of his experiences with The Relatives:

“When I was a young police officer The Relatives was the place that we took runaway youth when they couldn’t go back home. And so I’m happy that after 47 years, The Relatives is still that place, still a partner, still making waves for young people in our community.”

-County Commission Board Chair George Dunlap

Speaking on behalf of the young adults who visit On Ramp and benefit from the services offered was Lajay Myrick, a Relatives Board Member and On Ramp participant:

“Our new resource center will be a welcoming place for young adults, such as myself, in search for support and community partnerships, in order to be our best selves, and live our BEST lives.”

– Lajay Myrick, The Relatives Board Member & On Ramp Participant

I am grateful to have you by our side as, together, we create new beginnings for youth and young adults.

Thank you for being a Relative!

Trish Hobson
Executive Director

Howard Levine names the new On Ramp Resource Center!

The Relatives is grateful for the generous support of The Howard Levine Foundation! The foundation’s investment in the new On Ramp Resource Center facility will help provide young adults with an empowered future.

“There are many young adults struggling with countless issues in our Charlotte community. I am honored to partner with The Relatives, who serve this often-forgotten population, to advance their mission of providing support for our most vulnerable youth.”

-Howard Levine, The Howard Levine Foundation

Two Ways You Can Empower Youth In Crisis!

Empowering youth is especially important as our community heads back to school. Whether it’s a youth at the Crisis Center going back to the classroom or a young adult at On Ramp working towards their GED, you can help ensure they feel confident and prepared.

  1. You can help the youths staying at the Crisis Center look and feel their best by providing African-American hair care products
  1. You can ensure the young adults at On Ramp are prepared to succeed by providing GED textbooks
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