Crisis Hotline(704) 377-0602

Ensure Immediate Access to Safety, Shelter, and Stability

Imagine being far from home, with no roof over your head, and no idea where you would go once the sun went down. Monica (14), Taylor (11), and Ally (9) don’t have to imagine what this feels like.

Monica and her little sisters were stranded in Charlotte. They had nowhere to turn and were facing a night on the streets.

When they recognized the yellow Safe Place sign at QuikTrip, Monica and her sisters knew help was available.

The staff at Safe Place partner locations are trained to contact The Relatives anytime a child or teen asks for help. Whenever The Relatives hotline rings, day or night, a caring staff member is at the other end of the line, ready to provide immediate access to safety, shelter, and stability.

Ensuring this round-the-clock access to care at Mecklenburg County’s only emergency shelter for youth and adolescents costs $113 an hour.

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    For young people in crisis, The Relatives steps in where no one else can. With a 50-year history, The Relatives is unmatched in finding solutions for the countless challenges that confront the youth they serve. Supporting The Relatives means you are giving relief in place of despair, acceptance in place of rejection and empowerment in place of hopelessness

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