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I believe perseverance and happiness are built to last because…

Since 1974, The Relatives has helped youth and young adults find safety and stability in the midst of crisis. I know because The Relatives provided me with safety, relief, and a path out of the trauma I was experiencing at home.

Growing up in the mid-80s and coming from an upper-middle class family, access to crisis counseling wasn’t something people discussed.

Yet, at the time, I was facing a traumatic situation and didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t see a way forward or a happy future for myself after experiencing sexual abuse at the hands of my brother.

I knew something had to change. Although terrified of the consequences, I confided in my high school guidance counselor who told me about The Relatives Youth Crisis Center.

The following Monday, I packed my school bags with clothes instead of textbooks and went to the Crisis Center. Once I arrived I felt as though an immediate weight had been lifted. There were 8 girls in the house at the time, but I didn’t even care how long I had to wait for the bathroom because I was safe.

It was honestly the two most peaceful weeks of my life.

While I was at The Relatives, the crisis counselors helped me create a plan for returning home, connected me with a therapist, and brought my family in for group sessions. More than anything, they showed me a different way to live. I was encouraged to talk openly about my feelings and learned what a healthy home life could look like. 

I know for a fact that I am here today and thriving because of The Relatives.

When you’re facing crisis, it can be difficult to believe there’s a way out alive, let alone a way to be happy. But The Relatives is here to catch kids falling through the cracks and give them the care, support, and resources necessary they need for a bright future. I couldn’t be more grateful to see The Relatives continue to offer youth this safety net. Their longevity speaks to, both, the quality of care and the need in our community.

Your generous support has enabled young people, like me, to move beyond crisis and become thriving adults with the capacity for a healthy, fulfilling life.

I hope you’ll join me in showing our community’s youth that they do not have to be defined by crisis.

Your gift today builds the foundation for a promising future.

With gratitude,



Leigh Robbins

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