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The Relatives Family Update

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Every day my colleagues and I see young people who are experiencing despair, facing rejection, and feeling helpless.

At The Relatives, any young person in crisis can always find relief in place of their despair, acceptance in place of the rejection they’ve encountered, and discover the empowerment they need to achieve independence.

It all starts with acceptance, though, because acceptance is at the core of everything we do.
Whenever a youth or young adult walks through our doors, we meet them exactly where they are, as they are. And, as we celebrate Pride Month, I want to uplift this critical aspect of our work.

The Relatives creates a safe place where vulnerable youth and young adults feel loved, supported, and accepted as their authentic selves. Many of the young people who come to The Relatives do so because they have run away or been pushed out of their homes due to their sexual identity. As a mother, it breaks my heart to see anyone rejected by their family.

Thanks to your support, though, The Relatives can serve as an ally, mentor, cheerleader, and surrogate family to youth and young adults in crisis. Perhaps one day, all young people in our community will feel safe and loved in their homes. Until then, there are Relatives waiting to accept them with open arms, minds, and hearts.

Thank you for being a Relative.

Trish Hobson
Executive Director

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“If No One Else Loves You, I Do”
Acceptance at The Relatives

When a young person begins their journey with The Relatives one of the first faces they see is that of Intake Specialist, Latasha Burns.

“I ask our kids, ‘how would you like me to respond to you?’” says LaTasha, “Because making a judgement-free connection by accepting them as they are, is huge”

Every youth and young adult who seeks help at The Relatives walks a unique path, faces distinct challenges, and has their own goals and aspirations. Understanding how to meet a young person in crisis where they are and as they are is, both, a virtue and a necessity.

Latasha uses her lived experience to connect with the youth she serves. She left home at 17 and lived in a Salvation Army shelter for a year while finishing school. “I understand the challenges these young people face,” shares Latasha, “and I use this perspective when meeting a client for the first time.”

Making these connections allows The Relatives to begin helping youth and young adults find stability and achieve independence. Latasha says she focuses “not just on what a young person wants, but also on what they truly need help fixing.”

Acceptance has the power to transform lives. Thanks to your support, The Relatives is changing young lives one day at a time.

“If nobody loves you, I do” are the words Latasha lives by. While many of the youth we serve may not believe her at first, pretty soon they’re saying it back to Latasha every time they see her.

You + Food + Summer = Happiness For Our Youth

Are you an average chef? A grilling guru? Have you mastered the art of DoorDash and Uber Eats?

Whatever your level of culinary skill, there’s a way for you to be a Relative to youth and young adults experiencing crisis.

Help The Relative nourish our youth by providing a meal this summer. If you’re looking for inspiration, then check out our list of upcoming needs. They’re kid-tested and Relatives approved!

If you would like to spread happiness this summer, then please visit our volunteer calendar to sign-up!

The Relatives Family Report

This year marks The Relatives’ 50th anniversary. We are excited to celebrate this milestone with you and share our 2023 Family Report.

The Relatives has grown, changed, and adapted a great deal over the past 50 years. One thing, however, has remained the same: the generosity, partnership, and support of Relatives like you.

Thank you for being an important part of The Relatives family.

Read Our Family Report

Supporting Our Youth & Their Favorite Team: Crown Legacy Scores a Goal for Youth in Crisis!


The Relatives is grateful to Charlotte’s Crown Legacy Football Club for generously supporting our young people.

At their two May home games, Crown Legacy supporters who provided clothing donations for The Relatives received a discounted ticket price while supporting the team toward two decisive wins.

Thank you to Crown Legacy, Charlotte FC and their amazing fan base for being a Relative to our youth!

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