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What’s your favorite summer memory? Maybe you went away to camp and, after your initial bout of homesickness, relished your time there. Or maybe your family had a favorite vacation spot, a place you visited year after year. Or, like so many of us, did you simply enjoy taking a break from homework?

For me, it was going to Disney World. My grandfather lived in Orlando, so my parents would take us every summer to spend time with the grandparents and a day trip to the Magic Kingdom. These trips remain some of my favorite childhood memories.

As a mother, it’s especially important to me that the youth staying at our Crisis Center can enjoy happy, carefree summer days, as well.

Thanks to your support, The Relatives Crisis Center provides kids in distress with relief as well as special opportunities to simply be kids. Recently, we were able to organize an outing to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville. Two brothers staying at the shelter were especially excited by the trip as they had never visited a zoo before.

Thank you for being a Relative to the youth we serve and ensuring, even amid crisis, our kids can enjoy some carefree summer fun.

Trish Hobson
Executive Director


How Can You Be a Relative This Summer (and beyond)?


The Relatives relies on volunteers to help us best serve youth and young adults in crisis. If you would like to provide a meal, host a workshop, serve as a mentor, or create an activity for our youth then click here to learn more or contact The Relatives Volunteer Engagement Officer, Redia Baxter, at rbaxter@therelatives.org 

Meet The Relatives

Come Meet The Relatives and learn how your support makes a positive impact in the lives of our community’s youth. You can learn more and RSVP here. Questions? Please contact Philanthropy Officer, Robin Hancock, at rhancock@therelatives.org 


Celebrate #NationalWaffleDay and support The Relatives!

On August 24th Sweet Crunch Waffles will dedicate 10% of their sales to The Relatives.

Join us, and indulge in the most delicious waffles Charlotte has to offer! Open on August 24th from 8am to 7pm. Located at:

The Market at 7th St.
224 E. 7th St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

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