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The Relatives’ Family Update

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Dear Relatives,

The Relatives is a family made up of individuals and organization from across our community, each of us doing what we can to ensure youth in crisis have a support system and a safety net. I am deeply appreciative of and constantly inspired by The Relatives family.

The needs of youth and young adults seeking safety, stability and independence are ever evolving. Relatives, like you, have consistently stepped up and stepped in to help us meet these needs.

Your efforts at the Crisis Center have kept the kids nourished, engaged, and entertained. I am grateful to everyone who has delivered a meal or provided virtual activities. From casseroles and burgers to rounds of virtual, after-dinner bingo, you’ve helped the children at the Crisis Center feel valued.

At the On Ramp Resource Center, your support has helped guide young adults on their journey to stability and independence. I am so thankful for the volunteers who provide GED tutoring, workshops, meals, and activities for the many teens and young adults who rely on these services.

I am also proud to announce The Relatives’ participation in The LendingTree Foundation’s innovative new LendaHand Alliance Cohort, joining 10 other local non-profits each of whom is doing transformational work. This funding will allow The Relatives to provide a more intensive mental health counseling program and establish a Barriers Fund. The Barriers Fund will be used to remove the barriers, such as work attire and transportation costs, that prevent young adults from achieving stability and success.

Thank you for being a part of The Relatives family and providing youth in crisis with relief in place of despair, acceptance in place of rejection, and empowerment in place of helplessness.

Trish Hobson
Executive Director

Meet Sakib

Sakib recently joined our family as a volunteer GED tutor. He brings with him extensive experience in math and science- with a background in statistics and engineering. He has worked diligently with our young adults pursuing their GED, specifically with those preparing to take their math tests. When asked his favorite thing about being a GED tutor, Sakib said “The most amazing thing to me is the determination of the students at The Relatives. Even though they may have experienced obstacles in life, they are willing to show up and give their best effort. That’s what makes tutoring so rewarding.”

We are aiming to offer tutoring every day at the On Ramp Resource Center.
If you are interested in becoming a GED tutor please contact Christina at cnunez@therelatives.org.

LendaHand Alliance Cohort

We are proud to announce our participation in the LendaHand Alliance Cohort, joining 10 other local non-profits.

This funding will allow The Relatives to provide 35 hours per week of mental health counseling at both our locations. It will also help us to establish the LendingTree Foundation Barriers Fund which will be used for things such as: emergency dental care, eyeglasses, books for classes, uniforms for work, supplies/tools necessary to begin working, emergency car repairs for youth, temporary child-care subsidies, and anything else that may come up preventing our young adults from achieving stability and success.

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