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The Relatives Family Update

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“We’re giving a voice to homeless youth through numbers!” 

That’s how one member of The Relatives’ Youth Action Board described her work during the Point-In-Time (PIT) Count. The PIT Count, which took place in January, is a one-night event when the community comes together to survey our Charlotte-Mecklenburg neighbors experiencing homelessness.  

What made this year’s count different, was its focus on youth homelessness.  Led by our Youth Action Board (YAB), created in 2021 and comprised of young adults who have lived-experience as unhoused members of our community, the YAB members focused on the often-hidden population of homeless young adults. 

I wish you could sit in the room when these young people talk about their experiences as a way to bring about positive change for others.  They are extraordinary! Their leadership informs how we grow to meet the needs of youth and young adults in crisis. 

Our new resource center located on Freedom Dr. is part of this growth, allowing The Relatives to reach 3-times the number of young adults we’re currently able to serve. I’m excited to share we’ll be moving into the new facility in a little under 2 months! The more things change, though, the more they stay the same. The East Blvd. Crisis Center will, of course, continue providing youth and adolescents with a safe place. 

Thank you for being a Relative and giving a voice to youth in crisis. 

Trish Hobson
Executive Director

Nicole’s Story

Nicole was 22-years-old, 8-months pregnant and felt as though she had nowhere to turn. Unable to balance rent, pre-natal care, and the cost of utilities Nicole was facing the winter months without electricity or heat.

Nicole found relief at The Relatives, where she received help her with her electricity and heating bills through The LendingTree Foundation’s Barrier Fund. The Barrier Fund allows The Relatives to help young adults in crisis avoid setbacks and emergencies. Now, Nicole can bring her baby home to a safe, warm place.

Thank you for ensuring young people like Nicole have the resources they need to achieve safety and stability.

The Relatives is dedicated to providing continuous and specialized support to youth and young adults in crisis. If you know someone who made need our help, encourage them to call our crisis hotline at
(704) 377-0602.

#WalkAMileForRobert during National Safe Place Week

Robert’s Walk follows the path of Robert, a teenager, who was homeless and sleeping on a bench in Freedom Park. One day he walked up East Blvd from the park and saw the yellow Safe Place sign on the porch of The Relatives’ Youth Crisis Center. There he found the help he desperately needed.

We’re asking our supporters to #WalkAMileForRobert during Safe Place Week (March 20th-26th) in honor of those who have taken the journey from crisis to safety and stability. Post a picture of your walk and use the #WalkAMileForRobert hashtag. Sign-up and receive a free tee-shirt for being a part of this event!

There Are So Many Ways To Be A Relative!

Provide snack-packs or to-go meals for young adults in crisis: Ensure the young adults who visit The Relatives’ Resource Center are well-nourished by dropping off to-go meals or snack-packs. 

Meals for the Crisis Center: Volunteers are needed to provide meals for the youth staying at the Crisis Center. Homemade, store-bought, or utilizing a food delivery app! 

STEM Career Focused Workshops: Inspire the young adults at our Resource Center with the opportunities available in STEM-related careers. 

Have questions or interested in other ways you can be a Relative? Contact Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Christina Nunez, cnunez@therelatives.org 


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