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The Relatives’ Family Update

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Dear Relatives,

“We’re pivoting.”

It’s a phrase that’s become part of our everyday vocabulary. I’ve heard it from partners at small businesses across the street from our youth crisis center in Dilworth, and from supporters at large corporations a couple blocks down from our resource center Uptown. No matter what our situation, we are all finding ways to adapt to our new normal.

For us, it’s been figuring out how to provide services that are typically done face-to-face. While our transition specialists and crisis counselors are still showing up to work everyday – and taking the proper safety measures to keep everyone as healthy as possible – we have always depended on the generosity of volunteers to lead workshops and provide meals. Since early April, we’ve restricted visitors from physically coming into our locations, but that hasn’t stopped you from ensuring our kids still have access to the resources they need.

Without the help you provide at The Relatives, the odds are stacked against these youth. You have shown up for our young people in crisis and given them the capacity for an empowered future. Thank you for pivoting with us.
You continue to keep our mission alive, even during these difficult times.



Trish Hobson
Executive Director


Engaging Our Youth

While our priority is to make sure each child staying with us has their most basic needs met, we also strive to provide memorable and uplifting experiences.

Social distancing hasn’t kept our amazing volunteers from interacting with our youth in unique ways. We’ve had a virtual brownie baking workshop and collage challenge at our youth crisis center, where supplies were dropped off beforehand. A Girl Scout troop had previously planned on doing a BINGO night on-site, and they learned how to host that online, making sure that prizes were delivered ahead of time. And Reba Bowens, who is scheduled to come to our resource center every other week to host a Brazilian dance workshop, is honoring her commitment by conducting that over Zoom.

There are so many ways to make sure that our young people benefit from community building, even if it can’t be done in-person. Thank you for allowing our kids to be kids while they seek refuge from crisis.


Creating Opportunities for our Young Adults

With on-site job fairs being cancelled and many young people looking for employment, it’s crucial that we provide meaningful skill-building opportunities, opening doors for stability in these uncertain times.

Corey Cope of C&M Mobile Automotive Repairs led a 4-week automotive class (in our parking lot!) for our young adults to get certified as General Service Technicians. Corey also invited some of the young adults who completed this training to continue a mentorship with C&M. Alston & Bird has graciously donated 10 laptops to use during workshops and has conducted several virtual mock interviews to ensure our young adults are ready for any opportunity that comes their way. Judge Rex Marvel spoke with our young adults for a “Know Your Rights During COVID19” informative session. He has been leading these sessions for years in our community and is glad he can use technology to continue to inform youth in need.

Thank you for getting creative in your approach to serving the community in these tough times!


Socially Distant “Shopping” at On Ramp

We’ve been fortunate to have so many supplies – essential or otherwise – being dropped off at our locations. We’ve had so much, in fact, that we’ve been able to host mulitple pop-up shops for our young adults. These shops allow our young people to come in and browse for what they need – whether it’s baby clothes or toiletries – at no cost to them!

Thank you to our generous donors who are always thinking of our kids and finding ways to give back. It’s through your support that we are able to provide respite and a sense of independence to those in our community who typically aren’t afforded that opportunity.

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