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The Relatives’ Family Update

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Dear Relatives,

If anything, these unique times have made us all realize, no matter what position we are in, a stable job is something that none of us can take for granted.

Having dependable employment is often the key to surviving crisis. When you start adding more obstacles – inconsistent transportation, lack of daycare, the need for professional clothes, or even a roof over your head – the idea of a steady income seems even more daunting.

You give our young adults the hope they need to succeed.

Through case management and structured support, our resource center staff empowers young adults to find employment opportunities that will ultimately lead to sustainability. More specifically, we have an Employment Readiness Specialist on staff who prepares our young people for the workforce and provides little nuggets of advice like how to dress for an interview, how to fill out all the paperwork for a new job, or making sure they are on time. We are proud to say that between April 1 and June 30, 33 of our young adults have gained employment.

We take seriously the goal of preparing our young adults to be independently successful, and it’s glaringly clear that it can be even more important when crisis hits.

You have been able to create a long-lasting effect in the lives of our most vulnerable youth and young adults. Together, we can tell them, “You got this,” even when they may not be so sure.



Trish Hobson
Executive Director


Meet LaJay

If you would’ve asked me five years ago to tell you about myself, I would’ve drawn a blank. I felt lost, unsupported, and was stuck in a cycle of bad decisions.

My story of crisis started when I was just three weeks old. My mother gave full custody to my aunt due to a very bad drug addiction. As I grew up, it was hard for me to connect with people. I acted out in school and got involved with the wrong crowd. Eventually, I found myself with nowhere to turn. I’ve slept in parking garages, stairwells, and under bridges.
It wasn’t until I found The Relatives that I truly had a place to land.

If you ask me now to tell you about myself, I would beam with pride knowing that I can say I am the first youth advocate board member for The Relatives. In the five years that I’ve been coming to The Relatives, they’ve helped me reach potentials that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve discovered my innate worth and have the tools to emerge from crisis with the capacity for a healthy, fulfilling life. And now, I have the privilege of being a voice for my peers.

For a lot of us, The Relatives feels like our last chance. Our last chance to put an end to our troubled past. Our last chance to get that job that would put us on the right track. Our last chance to mend fences and start building a brighter future. But The Relatives doesn’t believe in last chances. They believe in second chances, third chances, thirteenth chances – they show up time and time again to help us get through whatever obstacle we’re facing and remind us that there is hope even when we’re at our most hopeless.

I know now that I am so much more than my past. I have gone from feeling hopeless to navigating all of the promises that lie ahead. I am honored to have a part in shaping a sustainable future for not only myself, but all of those that come to The Relatives looking for their second chance.


Relative Spotlight: Steve Hindman & Ted Northrup

There’s no telling what we can accomplish when we combine our talents. We have two amazing volunteers, Steve Hindman and Ted Northrup, who both noticed that our young adults were struggling to get to work or job interviews due to lack of transportation.

They came together and created a program that ensures that a late train or broken-down car isn’t the reason our young adults can’t succeed.

Through Steve’s involvement, Harvard Business School Alumni of Charlotte has made a generous contribution to help fund our transportation program and make sure that all of Ted and Steve’s hard work continues for our young adults. We are so grateful for them both as they are committed to making sure our young people have all the tools they need to thrive.


Become a Hope Builder

Just like our young adults depend on a monthly paycheck to stay afloat, we rely on the support of our community to provide resources to pay our staff who ensure our young adults become independent – especially through monthly giving.

You can make a big impact over time through monthly gifts – sustaining our programs long-term while giving us the peace of mind to concentrate on our mission: responding to crisis.

Be a part of the solution for our youth and become a Hope Builder today!

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