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The Relatives’ Family Update

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Dear Relatives,

In difficult times it is often the love of family that lifts us up and pulls us through. And, thanks to your support, I see this love in action everyday at The Relatives.

This spirit of love and support is where our name comes from. The Relatives not only provides youth and young adults with services dedicated to their immediate care but also creates the supportive relationships necessary to move them from crisis to stability

Your generosity and volunteer efforts make you an important part of The Relatives family. Even during such a tumultuous time, you have stepped up to ensure our community of youth are cared for, feel special and know there’s hope for the future.

Whether you’ve supported The Relatives financially or given your time to the kids in the Crisis Center or the young adults visiting the On Ramp Resource Center, you’ve given our youth love and support when they’ve needed it most. Just like a family!

And just like a family, I’ve seen the bonds formed by difficult times and moments of triumph. From volunteer tutors celebrating a clients’ GED success to a mentor helping a young adult navigate independent living skills. Please read about the bond Savoui and Wyatt share below. It’s truly love in action.

Thank you for being a part of The Relatives family and showing our kids that everyone deserves love and support.



Trish Hobson
Executive Director

Meet Wyatt & Savoui

“This was the only place I would come to for support. Certain people made the impossible… well, possible.”

Wyatt has faced overwhelming challenges with homelessness and mental health, and has endured countless setbacks with achieving his goals. He came to The Relatives searching for the support he desperately wanted to find success and ended up forming a bond that would carry him through his journey.

Wyatt was adopted at a very young age from an orphanage in Thailand. He experienced bouts of emotional trauma in his early childhood to adolescent years and spent time at our crisis center, in foster care, and in group homes before experiencing homelessness. While staying at a men’s shelter, he felt there was a better life out there waiting for him.

Wyatt came to The Relatives and started case management at our On Ramp Resource Center in February 2020. He had big goals of finishing his GED, obtaining employment, and securing housing. While spending time at On Ramp, Wyatt formed close relationships with The Relatives staff, particularly Savoui Graham, our Employment Readiness Specialist. Savoui could see the potential in Wyatt and knew he just needed a voice telling him he could do it.

Through self-determination and the support of On Ramp staff and volunteers, Wyatt persisted to achieve his GED in November, 2020, and has gained valuable work experience as a participant in our Employment Readiness program. Wyatt has secured residence at the McCreesh Place Supportive Housing program where he is learning independent living skills. He’s also currently enrolled in our Drivers Education program and continues to utilize the services at On Ramp.

After a year-long journey, Wyatt has managed to meet his goals and position himself for a future with promise. And Savoui could not be any prouder.

“His journey through the On Ramp program has restored my belief that hope crushed is not hope denied. Wyatt epitomizes persistence and it has been nothing short of enlightening to accompany him on his journey towards independence!”


Spreading Love This Season and Beyond

Even our buildings are getting love this season! Members of Boys Scout Troop 250 spent a cold Saturday at our crisis center to spruce up the backyard for our kids. They gave our benches and trash can area a fresh coat of paint, fixed up our sports equipment container, and made sure the basketball hoop was in working order.

Our volunteers have shown up for our youth and reminded them how valued they are – whether it’s making sure they have home-baked cookies for Valentine’s Day, or providing warm essentials to get through the chill of winter. We are so grateful for the dedication of our Relatives!


Walk A Mile With Robert

Every year, The Relatives hosts an event called Robert’s Walk, where participants walk from Freedom Park to our crisis center in honor of those who have taken the journey from crisis to safety and stability. The walk follows the path of Robert, a teenager, who was homeless and sleeping on a bench in Freedom Park. One day he walked up East Blvd from the park, saw the yellow Safe Place sign on the porch of the youth crisis center, and found the help he desperately needed.

​This year we’re pivoting and asking people to #WalkAMileWithRobert during Safe Place Week (March 21st-27th), post a picture of their walk (or run) and use the “walk a mile” hashtag. Participants can sign-up and receive a free tee-shirt for being a part of this event!

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