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The Relatives’ Family Update – April 2020

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Meet Faith.

Faith went through life relying on herself to get through tough times. But when she realized she was responsible for more than just her own well-being, she knew she needed to reach out and lean on someone during her time of crisis.

Your support empowered Faith to find a safe place to move forward.

Faith had been striving for a safe place ever since she came to The Relatives. Faith’s mother died when she was young and, as a result, she had to figure a lot out on her own. After time, she found The Relatives and, while we stood by her along her journey, Faith was starting to see some light at the end of her tunnel. Just when Faith was beginning to find stability, she became pregnant. On top of this, she began experiencing escalating incidences of domestic violence. After becoming a mother, she knew she needed a better life for her family.

Faith experienced first-hand what it was like to go through life without the support of her mom and she didn’t want the same for her baby. She found the courage to get out of her situation, but that also meant that she was homeless. After all Faith had worked for, she felt lost and hopeless. She was able to stay in various shelters, but was running out of time. With the weight of our current crisis on top of what she was already going through, Faith was finding it difficult to believe in the promise of tomorrow.

Through your support, we were able to move Faith out of her crisis and provide housing for her and her daughter. She found a safe place to call home earlier this month through our housing program and she is empowered to keep her family safe during this uncertain time. Not only has her basic need of housing been met, but Faith now has the key to provide a better tomorrow for her daughter.

Because you are a Relative, more young adults like Faith have the resources they need for a bright future.

Donor Spotlight: Joey Logano Foundation

We want to thank the Joey Logano Foundation for their continued partnership and grant support of The Relatives’ On Ramp Resource Center and Housing Programs. These programs provide not only basic needs, but also long-term skill building, housing and economic mobility for young adults by creating pathways out of poverty, towards self-sufficiency & independence.

As the first private foundation to invest in The Relatives’ Housing Program, the Joey Logano Foundation provided vital seed money that allowed us to hire staff to provide critical wrap around services for our young adults in housing and to expand the number of young adults we could house. Thanks in large part to their initial investment, the Housing Program has developed into the robust and responsive program it is today. Having successfully moved 70 young adults from homelessness since 2016, The Relatives is poised to house an additional 50 young adults next fiscal year.  We are eternally grateful to the Joey Logano Foundation for sharing our vision and helping us empower young adults in crisis to reach for a stable and independent future.


Our 2019 Annual Report

With your support, we were able to wrap up another successful year. So many of our youth and young adults were empowered to make 2019 a great year and find stability and independence with your help.

Read our 2019 Annual Report here.




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