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A Family In Crisis

The Relatives is working with a family in crisis.

Harriet is a single mother, she’s raising 2 children, and she is desperately in need of a miracle. Harriet lost her home and with the shelters full, there is no way she can keep her children, Hope (11) and Adam (8), from sleeping on the street while she works to improve their situation.

Harriet, Hope, and Adam need more than a miracle. They need Relatives like you. Keep Harriet’s children safe and their family together by acting now. Your gift made before midnight on June 21st, will be matched dollar for dollar up to $5,000.

When Harriet called The Relatives Crisis Hotline, she was immediately connected with a caring staff member ready to provide her children with safety and stability at the Youth Crisis Center.

While Harriet sleeps in her car, Hope and Adam will have a safe place to sleep at The Relatives. They can take a shower, wear clean clothes, attend their regular schools, and there is food on the table while Harriet works to find a stable home for them.

With just one gift, you have the power to make twice as many miracles for Harriet’s children and the thousands of young people in our community struggling through circumstances beyond their control.

When you make a miracle at The Relatives, it bends, stretches, and wraps itself around young people in crisis meeting their immediate needs and ensuring their tomorrows are stable. For Hope and Adam, a safe place to sleep is only the beginning.

Your gift provides safety and stability for these children in a family-like atmosphere and, when matched, can deliver twice the supportive services necessary for keeping Harriet’s family on track:

  • Supplying round-the-clock phone and in-person care at Mecklenburg County’s only emergency shelter for youth and adolescents costs $113 an hour.
  • Providing free on-site mental health care at The Relatives costs $115 an hour.
  • $2,851 provides one day of shelter at The Relatives

Make your gift and create a miracle before midnight Friday June 21st. Harriet, Hope, and Adam need you.

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    For young people in crisis, The Relatives steps in where no one else can. With a 50-year history, The Relatives is unmatched in finding solutions for the countless challenges that confront the youth they serve. Supporting The Relatives means you are giving relief in place of despair, acceptance in place of rejection and empowerment in place of hopelessness

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