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Walk With Me: Holidays at The Relatives

This holiday season you have a special opportunity to walk beside the most vulnerable members of our community as they journey from crisis to safety. When you walk beside our youth, you are letting them know they deserve to be loved, supported, and accepted as their authentic selves.

For the young people served by The Relatives, the road to relief, acceptance, and empowerment can be rocky and strewn with obstacles. You can make their path easier to navigate, show them there can be sunshine after a storm, and tell them they don’t have to walk alone.


Will You Walk Beside The Relatives?

Learn how you can walk with Seth and the thousands of young people in our community who have been pushed out of their homes, who are afraid, and who desperately need to know they’re not alone:


Learn how you can walk with Hayden by providing volunteer support to The Relatives this holiday season:


Learn how you can walk with Kayla and make holiday dreams come true for youth in crisis:


Learn how you can walk with Chasidy and the hundreds of young people facing barriers to stability in our community by supporting The Relatives Essentials Fund:


Learn how you can walk with CeCe by giving your holiday party a purpose:



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    For young people in crisis, The Relatives steps in where no one else can. Over its 45-year history, The Relatives is unmatched in finding solutions for the countless challenges that confront the youth they serve. Supporting The Relatives means you are giving relief in place of despair, acceptance in place of rejection and empowerment in place of hopelessness

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